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From MIRAT we knew that the fertilizers that our factory had been manufacturing for so many years, had the necessary quality to introduce us into the world of gardening. Because of that, in the year 2000 we decided to create a specific business line for the garden world, launching to the market the VITATERRA brand.

Thanks to the trust that our clients put in us, to the recognised effectiveness of our products, to the quality of the formulations , and, of course, to our team, we have consolidated our position in the gardening market with the objective of contributing to society's wellness through the plants,flowers and urban gardens care, acheving an outstanding position in Spain and Portugal, and opening new markets since 2014.

In 2014 it was decided to create a new business line in Vitaterra, giving birth to VITATERRA PROFESSIONAL,focused on the fabrication and distribution of agricultural products of high value added, contributing specific solutions to the most demanding producers.


Vitaterra is a specialist, with more than 200 years of experience, in the fabrication and distribution of effective solutions for the care and protection of plants and crops, innovating continuously for offering always the highest quality in its products.


"Our vision is to be a reference company in the European gardening sector, because of our recognised standards of quality,compromise with the client and the contribution of innovative solutions that are respectful with the environment, advancing continuously in business and technological ambit."


"In its road to success,Vitaterra looks for developing its products with a high performance and a high quality, contributing to an efficient production of food and looking for natural alternatives that respect the environment, always with proffesionality,responsibility and honesty."

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